Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer

Trevi L. Berretta, Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer, has extensive knowledge and experience in contested and uncontested divorce proceedings.

Trevi Berretta will guide you through what is usually a very stressful and often overwhelming process and assist you in obtaining an outcome that is best for you and your family, so you can move on with your life.

She will assist you in determining and seeking the custodial arrangement that is best for your children, establishing whether and what you will receive or pay as child support and/or alimony (“spousal support”), and what assets you will retain and how liabilities will be paid.

Trevi Berretta is sensitive to the situation that each unique family finds itself in as a divorce action moves forward and will help you achieve a resolution that works for you. She will help you take control of a process that often feels out of your control to help you protect your family and your rights. While She is often successful in helping her clients conclude their divorces by reaching a comprehensive agreement with their spouse on major issues, Trevi Berretta is equally qualified to represent you in a divorce trial in front of a judge, practicing primarily in Norfolk County.

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